You are a gift to this Earth

 After a lifetime of over delivering myself to try and be good. After always feeling like I had to 'make' myself into something to receive love. After always feeling like I'm nothing deep down inside...and hoping no one would see how bad I secretly am...I am happily burning this ALL up! Into the light we go. I have always been pure light. In my true self, my most natural, I'm just here, self. Not only am I good enough, worthy, divine, perfect...I am one with God. And so are you. Know the light that you are. Especially in the hidden parts, where you might secretly worry if you are bad. If you are not so sure that you are worthy of everything you KNOW your Soul is here to have/be/receive/experience....right HERE... You are the brightest!! It was a trick. It was abuse. It was a cover up. Shine like the diamond that you are. Without even trying. You are divine when you are feeling like sh*t, curled up crying...especially are a diamond. It doesn't matter what&

I work with different healing colors of light

Over the years I have gotten to know the different bandwidths of healing light colors that happen during my sessions with people. They are so powerful, gentle, dependable, consistent, strong, smart and loving! They show up to me as specific rays of colored light; they also come as certain spiritual healing beings that work with me and with my clients. I’ll empasize here that it is not me ‘healing’ people; these are higher celestial star beings. They show up specifically for my clients in ways that are meaningful to the client.  Each healing frequency supports the client to have the exact ancestry, inner child, past life soul retrieval, trauma healing and more… that they need. People also experience profound pain relief, inner epiphanies about self development, relationships, soul mission, purpose, business and wealth creation.  Here are the most common ones that we work with: Blue to light blue: Sometimes as a marble-y bluish/white. Christ union energy. This one I see most often coming

How the unexpressed NO shows up as fiery physical symptoms

 A general observation from my 10 years of healing work with people: Their unexpressed NO has to show up somewhere. If people have experienced shame/silencing of their voice - here’s a list of ways I’ve seen this expressing through people’s bodies - and ps- it can all totally be alleviated by finding/uncovering/expressing & creating needed boundaries. 🔥Hives 🔥lost voice 🔥throat ailments 🔥strep throats/sore throats 🔥Digestive ailments 🔥Spine curvatures 🔥Neck pain 🔥voice seems disconnected (Not saying this as absolute truth, just patterns I notice... I’m here as a pattern watcher & I utilize my energy reading abilities to help people become more liberated 💚) We’re all SO unique & brilliant with how coping strategies get made in our energy field & body. No 2 people are the same. Sometimes it’s just some unwinding & expression that’s really needed! 💜 I have 4 places open right now for new private clients in my 3 month 1:1 healing program. Just click the link h

Childhood sexual trauma healing

My whole life I lived with a mysterious, in-the-background feeling, that I was sexually abused as a child. I was so used to it being there, that I had somehow learned to tuck it away neatly into a drawer. I'm also grateful to my subconscious and Soul for blocking out the memories; this is an amazing survival skill we can do.  As I've become safe in my life by restoring my inner energetic sovereignty with God and by marrying my amazing husband; the memories started coming up intensely - right after we were married actually! I feel it was this internal shift into being safely supported and loved by masculine energy that my body started spontaneously processing, clearing and purging the s3xual trauma memories.  It has been extremely scary and difficult at times. But I just do what I always do; trust my Soul's healing process and surrender to God. I'm really not afraid of anything because I know I'm eternal.  I also know that I am not just purging my trauma, but that of

Now enrolling: Soul Sunrise !

 Where there are deep wounds of not being heard. Where you've been shut down the worst for BEING yourself. Where you have spoken wisdom. Where you have preached the word. Where you have been MOST expressed from within the holiest of holy place within you. Where it hurts so bad...because the people who SHOULD have heard you...didn't... HERE. Rather than staying mad about the pain. Rather than acting out the wounds with anyone who can listen. Rather than projecting that pain around flimsy flamsy...let's center it. Let's retrieve the gold from inside. Let's break it open. Let's SPEAK. Again. Now. For a while healing deep wounds of being hurts while it heals. Because it feels good to speak your Soul's truths, to let God speak through you....but the insides of the cave of your throat will still burn with the memories of being silenced. Even the memories of being executed in past lifetimes for being you. Whatever holy roles you held. So, the only ch

Real Healing means BEING ALL OF YOU !

 Healing is never about getting rid of parts of yourself. It is always about deciding that ALL parts of you are ok! Decide with all the fire of creation that your entire being is completely, 100% ok. Exactly as you are!! Decide this and declare it OUTLOUD - fire dragon style 🙂 with swords!! Experience the relief!! You'll encounter frequencies in your field (emotions, trauma memories, entities) that are not you and that are not yours. Clear these into the field of God or the field of oneness. More and more you'll feel your self purify ! You are becoming more and more of YOU! And THAT is the whole point! That is what healing is! Healing is not some giant pilgramage over mountain tops, or having to earn a crossing from an ogre over a bridge, or having to repent enough to maybe one day be good enough! NO! You are good enough now. You are whole now. All parts of you are ok; all parts of you are HOLY! You are the church! I help my clients heal inner child/soul/past life time trauma/

A story about me realizing I'm a healer

Years ago, I was teaching a yoga class...and mid class I had this urge to turn off the music, stop class, and have everyone sit in a circle I wasn't exactly sure what this meant... I just knew I wanted to be working with the people on more levels than the physical yoga postures. It's nothing against yoga teaching..I'm a life long student of yoga myself...and taught for 10 years with beautiful's just that I always knew I wanted to be facilitating some kind of healing on the spiritual planes.  I'm interested in the subtle energetics that are movine through the physical. It's here that there are the answers to our physical quandaries in life.  If there is pain happening it the physical body, that means there is an energetic disruption that needs to be seen/felt/processed/understood/let go of/cleared....etc.  This is what I do for my clients. I am able to see the energetic qualities of their pains, confusions, repetitive loops... A LOT of wh