The heart is meant to be an infinite receiving portal of wealth & abundance 💙

The heart chakra is innately an open receiving channel of God It is a portal of Receiving 💙 It is supposed to be an OPEN flowing river of spirutual prosperity & guidance 💙 Spiritual energy is meant to FLOW as an infinite river of life, love, creative impulses, prosperity.... the enactment of your purpose here on this Earth at this time .... in wild abundance .... in the way of HIGHEST service to all ! Let God breathe your infinite heart flow OPEN to these truths now at this time This will mean you relaxing DEEPLY into the rhythm of love through your heart It means you hearing & following through on the heavenly, creative impulses you feel through your heart for business It means you dissolving into the Bliss of FULL SURRENDER to the God flow that WANTS to enact through you in this life ✨️ Opening, trusting & following the flow of love through your heart means you will now follow the intuitive actions from God you feel to take for your health, joy, wealth & hap

Surrender THROUGH overwhelm to let your business grow

Hello kits & kaboodles 🖐 Friendly Friday reminder to be willing to FEEL the feelings of overwhelm when you are expanding into allowing more love, goodness, prosperity, achievement & desired results in your life. 💙💙💙 When you are desiring & choosing to lay claim to what you want from a God/Soul level for yourself.... this is going to stretch & expand you beyond what you used to think was ok. It's going to evoke feelings inside of ... Should I be doing this? Am I going to get in trouble? What will my mom think? Emotionally you may feel fear or judgement well up in your body. Rather than labeling these feelings that come up as panic, bad.... overwhelm, bad..... doubt, bad .....and letting this keep you in the very patterns that you're tryyyyying to break... Be willing to FEEL IT ALL Breakthrough internally 💚💚💚 Name & feel fully ... the FEELINGS of expanding into MORE & let yourself do it Feeling overwhelm, doubt, fear ..... when you are choosing to l

It's not normal or required to live anxious.

I am working with a lot of women lately who have significant amounts of anxiety in their hearts. It is not just you! It’s so common. The common pattern I’m seeing is like walls closing in, never enough space, can’t even feel themselves. I can relate to this from my own path too.  The healing looks like choosing for yourself to create SPACE. Inside and out!  Create space inside yourself for yourself. Stop filling up your energy field with other people’s stress. Let others be responsible for themselves and for their pain. All you have to do is be willing to feel your own pain and transmute your own pain into light. If you are resonating with this …. Give your OWN heart lots and lots of SPACE! Breathing space. Living space. Feeling space. ROOM TO BREATHE! I realize it’s a common pattern for us as women to be raised as caretakers. And this is BEAUTIFUL! We are beautiful at mothering, nurturing, intuiting, caring… BUT…you do need to put yourself first now. Your family will thank you.  First

A few business lessons I've learned this year!

 A few of the top lessons I've learned so far in creating an online business from my Soul's vision and mission: 💻 At this time in my journey, it's essential for me to have a coach that is doing what I want to be doing and has a mastermind of other amazing ladies who are earning what I want to be earning also creating businesses from their Souls. For me, communities of sisterhood breaking ALL old molds of what women 'can do' 'should do'...any limitations .... and instead, ALL embodying what we truly want/need/desire as the powerful Souls that we are is...essential. Women get to make great money doing what they naturally do as Soul's now. It is a good thing to put LOTS of money in the hands of good-hearted Souls on the planet now. It is a revolution for the highest good of all. 😍 I don't have to sacrifice any part of myself to succeed in the ways that I want to. The more I have put back together the pieces of my own Soul and created more and more inn

Money is LIGHT. New Enrolling: Quantum Gold Mastermind :)

Because of pain, fear and trauma; women are often disconnected from the pleaure, joy and true LIGHT of money. These same disconnections or numbness will also block them from true union with their partner or spouse.  In Quantum Gold you will experience spiritually a restoration of Sacred Union within your bones. With yourself, with God, with Christ, with money and in your marriage (or partnership/future partnership if your Soul desires this). I also LOVE channeling information from the divine for women about their Soul Business blueprints. So you can do business in EXACTLY the way God wants to work through you! This is also the way that is MOST joyful, aligned, powerful, fun an d prosperous! Over these 9 months together, you will receive divine information about how you want to construct your business. Whether it is in person or virtual, or both! You will be freed from the inside to do business exactly how your Soul desires to.  Perhaps in the way you have wanted to for lifetimes. This

Daughter, wife and wealthy woman

The most challenging aspects of my own journey from financial scarcity to lasting financial wealth, and of many of my clients, come out of healing the relationship to money in the roles of daughter and wife. Or perhaps a lack of having a relationship to our own financial wealth creation *because of* societal gender & relationship roles; I think most of it happens unconsciously. Bodies carry many generations worth of patterns and Soul carry many lifetimes worth of patterns. I realize not everyone will relate to this post. It's for other women who *do* relate and can benefit from hearing about my journey and about the financial breakthroughs that I help my clients have. I also want to make clear that my husband is an incredibly supportive partner to me, spiritually, emotionally and financially. He believes in me....hence how much I am coming into my own sovereignty, including having my own business and other income streams, WITH him at my side. We both pursue our Soul purposes an

How to let yourself have everything you want :)

In the process of aligning your energy with what your Soul desires to create; there's a difference between a more deeply embedded trauma/memory/experience that needs to be processed fully...STORED IN YOUR BODY.... potentially with professional aid...compared to just a thought stream that can be stopped on it's head. If you're experiencing something that you can tell lives in your body, in your cells with an emotion quality to it..this is likely stored trauma. It's a part of you that thinks it is keeping you safe from experiencing the dangerous SOUL FREEDOM that you are craving. Because what you REALLY want to do/be/have in your life will SET YOU FREE on every level and you'll immediately start having everything you want in life. When you are vibrating energetically with what you DO want, you'll actually see that you already have everything and you'll start *actually* saying yes with your frequency to having more and more of what you want. So if you have trau